Jardin Lhasa

The unique Jardin Lhasa; a transformable jewellery set.

Jardin Lhasa marks a majestic journey through the heart of Tibet; the set is reminiscent of a spiritual discovery and uncovering of the extraordinarily vibrant Tibetan culture and its legacy of architecture.

Each of our iconic pieces echoes James Ganh’s farreaching inspirations. This recurring theme of drawing upon our experiences as a starting point, woven with expertise and creativity, is emblematic of the collections of James Ganh, the Jewel Engineer.

Necklace with detachable centrepiece; (centrepiece) can also be worn as a ring.

The piece centres on a certified oval-cut emerald of 9.35cts, set with diamonds, emeralds, turquoise and tsavorites; a total of 3057 gemstones.


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