Bespoke projects showcase James Ganh’s longstanding attention to artistry and detail. Through the inventiveness of the house, clients can be assured that their bespoke designs are taken from a figment of their imagination to wonderful reality, crafting unique jewellery piece additions to our customers’ collections. We love our clients to experience the full journey of bespoke jewellery design, the joy that comes from engaging directly with James Ganh, working with the designs, tweaking them, sourcing the stones and ultimately, the outcome of being presented with the finished exquisite piece. We have many clients who have been extremely happy with this memorable process and welcome you to speak to us further should you have a specific design in mind.

The Tree of Life is a one off which has been exquisitely crafted from one piece of rose quartz and inlaid with silver branches, gemstones and handmade flowers. , a stunning objet d’art collaborated on with celebrated artist Jacky Tsai.