James Ganh is a celebrated jewellery engineer, ingenious and constantly striking a careful balance in jeweled creations which demonstrate both sentimentality and versatility. Conscientious and genuinely thoughtful, Ganh designs jewellery which serve as both a collectors’ item, made to be modern day heirlooms, whilst always wearable and he is perfectly attuned to the needs of his client base. His desirable designs have a unique appreciation for detail and craftsmanship, ideals which are imbued in all of the collections and in the manner of working as a luxury engineer.

Ganh’s unique creations are inspired by his time and formal training at Central St Martins, as well as from his work at various internationally recognised luxury houses. Given the quality of his exceptional pieces, it is difficult to believe that Ganh is a relative newcomer to the European jewellery house scene. Most significantly, James worked for Fabergé and the iconic brand and longstanding artisanal history proved to have a key influence on his approach to fine jewellery today.

We welcome you to join us on this journey of fine jewellery discovery, a journey which has craftsmanship and intelligent engineered beauty at its very core.


Many of the collections by James Ganh have been dreamt up over years working amidst the magical world of jewellery; in particular, after working for the iconic jewellery house, Faberge, Ganh’s creativity was piqued.

As per the history of the brand, Faberge created a multitude of treasures, including unique pieces commissioned by the Tsar Emperor in 1887, such as the renowned Faberge Easter Egg, a surprise present for his wife, the Empress Maria. Such gestures of tremendous love inspired and continue to inspire Ganh, and drive his masterful engineering talent to capture stories and unforgettable moments, all underlined by the inspiration of love and romance.

Themes of fairytales, flora and fauna and architecture abound throughout the collections and we hope that you will enjoy the other worldliness quality of Ganh’s works; and whilst the inspirations may vary, the recurring underlying value of documenting moments in time through jewellery, highlighting attention to detail and creating modern day heirlooms is undeniable in the oeuvre of Ganhs’ jewellery collections to date.

James Ganh © 2015


‘Love is the ultimate luxury, the soul of jewellery; let your love be part of our mesmerising creations.’ – James Ganh

James Ganh is worlds apart from the often soulless, more commercial jewellery making industry; his entire ethos is built upon the pillars of sincerity, innovation in jewellery engineering, and authentic craftsmanship. Combined with an unwavering attention to detail, genuine inspiration which is driven by passion and love and a pioneering vision, James Ganh stands apart from the many.

Each creation by James Ganh embodies these very ideals and we cannot wait for you to explore and uncover the very essence of these jewels, the hidden secrets and the outstanding ingenuity of these collections going forward.